You’ll find it in Revelation 12: 11:

They overcame him (the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.

There was a night last summer… Our City on a Hill hosted their Our City Story at our family farm. It had rained hard for days and we didn’t know how many women to expect. At the 70th car my husband quit counting. Friends I knew and faces I’d never seen before piled into our little cabin and the guitars strummed up. So many beautiful women, free as birds, in shorts and jeans and tees and rain boots laughing and talking, lifted their voices in song. I thought the roof would fly off. I silently begged God for the walls to stretch to hold us. And more kept coming. Anticipation was high and the air was thick with the Holy Spirit that night.

Then there was mighty testimony and it did exactly what God promises it will do – they overcame him. I’ve heard some broke free that night, some found hope, some drew closer to God, many wanted more. There were tears and joyous laugher and afterwards small groups were all over the house and yard praying and encouraging one another. It was koininea – the true fellowship of God’s people.

I think I’ve been to every one of the past Story evenings. They are all different, unique, authentic. The next day or even weeks after I hear the same words repeated: I’ve never felt so close to God. I have been looking for worship like this for a long time. Can I come back tomorrow? When is the next one? A friend brought me and I didn’t know where I was going, but now I know why I was there. I’ll keep coming because I can’t get this anywhere else. Everything changed for me that night. I can’t get enough.

I can’t either. I am inviting you to come fill up at Our City Story on Thursday, July 25.

Same place – our family farm. Same format – worship and glorious testimony. But it won’t be a repeat of last year. God has never done the same thing twice.