We will be talking about our hearts.

There’s a page in my prayer journal from last year and I still find myself reviewing that page and praying through what’s listed there almost every few days, even now. It’s a picture of me to me, a written list of names and notes and my deepest heart prayers. It’s my heart. And I need to talk about it. Actually, we all need to talk about our hearts because they are bruised and beaten and need some serious mending. These are skills of which I am not equipped, save for the word of God.

God is so good to us and in the business of repairing our hearts, even when we hardly realize it. Yet, when we intentionally place our broken hearts before Him and ask His help, we find healing we didn’t know existed.

It’s scary, right, to open up our hearts? But it’s worth it, so worth it. And it’s safe. There’s no safer place than at God’s feet.

Pam and I are looking forward to the river retreat. Over the years we have forged our friendship on God’s word and of course, the condition of our hearts. Come join us!