Announcing Lessons Around the Table!

Come join me around the table at my new studio for a monthly Bible study!

Last summer, while studying at The Cove, God planted in me a fresh desire to teach His Word. It’s what I love to do most of all – go underground and deep into some private study, then teach from the overflow.

Almost immediately the pieces began to fall into place and I started keeping a running list of topics and various logistics to start the class. There was one continual hold up – where it was to be held. Each place I visited was not quite right and I finally said to God, “When you show me the place, I will do it.” A few days later the owners of my old studio mentioned they needed the studio space for their growing business, and it was then I knew. It was time to move, but more importantly, I knew the new place, wherever it was, would be the place to teach around a table.

My new studio is at Lincoln House, a house owned by Lincoln Village Ministries. When I went to look at the space for the first time it was dark and rainy outside, and full of holiday decorations and clutter inside. I couldn’t get any kind of a read on the studio space, but I saw a table. A long sturdy dining room table surrounded by comfortable chairs. That table kept pulling at me. Weeks later, when God reopened the door for rental, I quickly and joyfully claimed the space, saying, “I’m thrilled over this little studio space, but I’m really renting this table!”

The idea God gave me last summer was to host a monthly, in depth, reflective Bible study for a small group, around a big table. I envisioned us with Bibles and notebooks open, listening, sharing, looking up Scripture, digging deep. It is my hope Lessons Around the Table will be enjoyable, interesting, an open forum, interactive, and for the sole purpose of keeping God’s Word alive in our daily conversations.

This Bible study concept is a little different. Here’s how it will work:

*One class a month

*Each class will be a different topic

*Each class date, time, and topic will be announced 2 weeks prior to the actual class date

*The classes will be an hour and 15-20 minutes long

*Classes will be held at Lincoln House, 1016 Meridian Street, Huntsville

*15 people, first come first served

*No charge at all

*All you’ll need to bring is your Bible, a notebook, and an open hungry heart

Announcing the class:

I will announce each class on this blog and publicize on Instagram (I am taking a break from FB) 2 weeks prior to each class. I will announce the date, time, the topic of study and other pertinent details.

How to sign up:

For now, sign up is only through email on the Contact page of this site. If you are interested in the topic and if the date and time work for you, all you have to do is fill out the form here. The Contact button is at the top right of the header on the homepage. Please note: sign up is only for one class at a time. The first 15 people will get a response back from me. **A response email from me is your class confirmation. A day or so before the class date I will send out a reminder to the 15 attendees.

Wait list:

I will keep a very short wait list just in case there are cancellations. Wait listers will only hear from me if they are next in line to attend the class. However, every class member and all on the wait list will receive the teaching outline and other resources. I want everyone on the list to get something from the class!

Stay tuned to the blog the last week of February for the announcement of the March class!