I am just going to ask – Do you love Christmas?

I don’t. And it bring out my every vulnerability to admit this and makes me feel sad and like something is very wrong with me.

For me, Christmas is a complete stressor. Months prior I begin to feel the tension building. Over the years I have tried many things to find what everyone else seems to have. I have searched for just the right Advent devotional that would break my cycle of frenzy. I have given up Christmas cards, slashed the gift lists, and hired someone to help me decorate simply.

Nothing has worked.


Secular Christmas is too much for me and at some point every year I come apart and makes lists and vows of ways that I will change the rat race for the next year. 

 My real truth is:

I don’t like Christmas, but I love the Christ Child.


Come to the Manger is what I have written to  break away from  the artificial-ness of the Christmas season and bring me back to a babe in a manger and God’s bold astounding grace for mankind. And for me. This is the devotional I have always wanted. It is simple, all Scripture based, and it is taking me to a place I’ve never known. The familiar beloved Advent passages have come alive from historical facts and new truths about the people God used to bring His Light, His Son, into the world. I just have to tell you – I could cry. My heart is tender and joy is igniting.

Come to the Manger begins with God breaking 400 years of silence – the 400 years between Malachi and Matthew. Some have called this a period of darkness; I have found it anything but. God was preparing the world for His Son. God’s silence ends, His message explodes into the world, and one by one, His messengers are selected. A very unlikely crew. 

Six cameo readings open our eyes to the Intertestamental period, Gabriel’s two visits, Mary’s heart of praise, John the Baptist’s birth, and finally to the quiet night when angels and shepherds approached the manger. Come, approach the manger!

Christmas will never be the same.



Come to the Manger launches in Nashville on November 10 to a small group of friends. 
It's not a book. It is simple readings and worship, music and hungry hearts. 

I'd love to come to your group - Bible study, prayer group, family, friends -  
and share the joy I have found in writing these portraits of the people 
God used to bring His Son into the world and to bring His light into my heart.
This Christmas will be different. It already is. 

Contact me through my contact on the home page and let's talk. 
I'll speak with 5 or 50. Let me give you this gift!