Here’s the prize!

Delivered to Tami Bolte, winner of the June give-away…

Rosemary brushes!






I had heard about these brushes for several years, but never got around to ordering. In a Gina Brown workshop, Gina offered her brushes to those of us who had not tried them yet. We were all sold!

Rosemary brushes are handmade by Rosemary & Company in the United Kingdom. They are the finest quality, durable, retain their shape, and super easy to clean. The most popular brushes for oils are the ivories.

I order mine from Wind River Arts, the United States distributor of Rosemary brushes in Richmond, Texas. You may order online, but if you would like the most delightful conversation and easiest order you’ll ever experience, call and speak to Mary.

As a reminder, here’s how I do give-aways and here’s a different prize from a past give-away.

They are super fun! The next one will be announced in early August.