Silly Snakes


This was the cutest project ever! It incorporates painting (with acrylics – easy to clean up), mixing colors, cutting, and weaving.

Paint one full sheet of paper with mixed shades of green and yellow paint. Let dry.
Create 4-5 snakes out of construction paper. Draw faces on with marker, and glue on small cut pieces of paper to create designs on the snakes.
Once the green paper is dry, fold in half and cut strips (do not cut to the end of the paper at either end) to make grass that goes about 3/4 of the way to the end of the paper. Next, cut the tops of those strips so that they make a point. Then, weave the snakes over and under so it looks like they are hiding in the grass!

And a few more… using coffee filters and shaving cream!

Tie Dye Snail





Take a coffee filter and color it entirely with bright colored markers.
Crumple it into a tight ball and dip it in a bowl of water.
Pull it out and lay it out to dry (still in the ball.) Once dry (next day) open it up and it will look tie dyed….then you can use it for any artwork!
I like this one where it has been turned into a snail collage!

Paper Marbling

Paper marbling.
Spray some shaving cream into a bowl or tray.
Squirt a few drops of food coloring on it and stir it up with a skewer or tooth pic.
Gently press paper on top The swirled food coloring will transfer to the paper. I usually run it through water to get off the extra shaving cream, then set it out flat to dry
Have fun!