May you be blessed richly by God’s own hand as your tent is expanded;

May you reach a point where the details are released,

and you enjoy the celebration knowing with special awareness the agape love of God

as He binds one heart to another, as He interweaves one family line with another.

May you also find rest and release in the process

so that the stress does not overwhelm and rob the experience.

May your heart and soul be protected and drawn to what is important.

May your letting go be filled and eased with grace again and again.

God is love; all love comes from the Father.

In this celebration of love, where God is beginning a family, may you marvel at the work of God

and be in awe of His wonderful provision for your need.

Our God is not bound by time or the constraints of time.

May your wedding be blessed with thousands of seeds,

moments, that will burst forth

and fulfill your dreams, sustain your hopes,

so your family will see and know the radiance of God and the absolute glory of our LORD.


Amanda Ragland, 2011
She said this prayer belongs to God. Feel free to print and share,
pray and soak in the moments of God's blessing through a wedding.