Two thousand years after Jesus first appeared, these questions still hang in the air, 
awaiting our answers. Most of his questions were never answered. 
Indeed most of them have been deliberately ignored. John Dear

This is hard. - an excerpt from my journal

What are you looking for?


Read the surrounding verses in John 1:19-51.

Jot down some of the facts regarding the few days following Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist. Who was Jesus speaking to when He asked this pivotal question? Where was He? How did the two disciples respond?


If Jesus asked you this question today, how would you respond to Him?


Answer it, journal it. Take all the time you need. This is, and will be each week, the most important element of our study. In your journal, start, come back to it, add to it, revise it; just answer it.

It does not have to be long, but it does need to reflect where you are at the moment. You will never be asked to unwillingly share your writings.


This is between you and Christ.


To glean a little more understanding into the very first few days of Jesus’ ministry, read John 1:40-51. What stands out to you? There are no right answers; just write what strikes you as interesting, unusual, or of note.


This is the first question in the first chapter of Unlocking Belief. Try it! Enter the place where a few physical pages becomes the place your heart wants to light and rest to be refreshed.

Read a little more about it.

Unlocking Belief is waiting for you.