If you’ve been reading my blog you have discovered that I occasionally write for Our City on a Hill, and consistently issue invitations to Our City Story.

Each time there’s a blog post or an invitation, I get questions. What is it? Can anyone come? What exactly am I coming to?

Founded on Jesus’ words, You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5: 14Our City on a Hill is a website that illumines and glorifies Christ through stories and testimony, most of them written by people in and around our city, Huntsville, Alabama. In the last year, the founders, Katie and Katie, have felt led to take Our City into living rooms for live testimony. Our City in digital form will continue to offer unifying stories of our faith. Our City Story is where God has further led and continues to map His course.

So, answers? I can give you a few. But to explain Our City Story, only God can tell you. You just have to come…

Anyone can come. Everyone can come.

Here’s what you can expect:

You’ll see some new faces and meet some new hearts. You’ll sing. You’ll celebrate diversity. You will be told that you’ve been prayed over way before the day of the event ever came around. You’ll listen to stores of real life struggles and living hope.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

They overcame him (the enemy, the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony… Therefore rejoice… Revelation 12: 11,12a

Walls come down, hearts open wide, joy pops out! Struggles have a solution, fear gets a  punch, things get restless, God gets reckless in His love!

Here’s what I can’t explain:

Every single Our City Story is different. We have prayed God will keep it that way. God’s words fall fresh and real. You might cry or you might just burst from joy. You might be surprised in your heart and you might be affirmed. God might speak to you right where you are, you may find that answer you’ve been searching for. It’s God on the move and He is always the same and always different. We can’t tame him to act our way at one of these. There is a theme (this one is reconciliation) but God does a pretty good job of leaving our theme in the dust as He races to His purpose, of which we haven’t a clue.

Here’s what I hear the most and say ‘Amen’:

You’ll not want to leave and the next day you’ll want to go again. Something remains with you and in you from the story and the people. You’ll figure out something new about yourself and others, but mostly about God. You’ll find joy there.

And God willing, you’ll find me there. I wouldn’t miss it.