Right about now Bible studies all over the place are finishing up and somewhere in the back of our minds we are thinking summer. Maybe a summer study?

If this is you – it’s me – I’d like to toss Unlocking Belief into the mix. Especially The Journal. The journal is the abbreviated version; it contains deep reflections on each question, the eleven pivotal questions Jesus asked during His ministry, and lots of lined paper. You dig right in and start pondering. It’s more thinking than writing, and more writing than reading. Read more about both books here.

Two summer offers from me to you:

There is a price break if you order directly from me.

If you order from me, the price is $14.00 for Unlocking Belief and $11.00 for The Journal. This is a savings from the Amazon price. I can ship directly to your door or deliver if you are close.

During your study I would love to do a Zoom kick-off or a Q&A with your group!

We can certainly find a time to talk through Zoom or FT or Skype and I’ll get you started or, as you track through the study, I’ll answer your questions. It will be fun!

Contact me here if interested!