Here’s the prize for Katy Brooks, first winner at my giveaway!

from Anne Neilson

Artist extraordinaire, this is Anne’s beautiful angel journal from Anne Neilson Home.

Remember how my give-aways work:

1) The winner chooses a category: either reading, writing or arithmetic. Ha! No, either reading, writing, or painting! (Katy chose writing)

2) Then I have the awesome privilege of chatting with the winner, finding out which category she chooses, and selecting the gift. Believe me (or ask my husband), giving gifts is one of my gifts!

3) I hand pick the gift and the recipient receives something I love!

How to make sure you are in the running for next time:

Be sure to submit your name here on my site. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and add your name and email address. The next give-away will be announced soon!

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