I’d love to talk to you about your event or small group, retreat or conference. I carefully consider each request. Email me through the contact link on the homepage and we will find a time to chat over the details. I love to teach God’s Word!


Besides my latest, Come to the Manger, here are my three favorite speaking topics, near and dear to my heart.



Unlocking Belief

Unlocking Belief Answering Questions Jesus Asks is the Bible study I published in 2017. These talks are based on Jesus as the  master questioner, and how He used the question as His primary tool for communication. I talk about belief and how we believe and what we believe. I talk about the Samaritan woman and how Jesus, with one question, unlocked her heart to true belief and a powerful witness. I talk about my own journey of understanding my belief through the trauma of my husband’s cardiac arrest.

We learn about the heart of Jesus through what He asks, how He asks, who He asks, and what He doesn’t ask. Surprisingly we learn a lot more about ourselves. That’s what questions do. 

I bring books for a book signing, and offer questions for small groups.



Crossings Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua is a study on the Book of Joshua.

These talks area about life’s crossings – how we long for new land and can’t get there, or we are thrown into new land unprepared. New land can be a new city or a new job, marriage, divorce, parenthood, widowhood – or simply a new house. There are joys of getting there and sorrows from being there. Just as the Israelites rebelled, we too, want our own ways, end up getting stuck, shutting down, or aimlessly wandering.

I talk about how resistant we are to cross into new land, and outline the biblical life lessons God gave to Joshua. What Joshua discovered about the Promised Land, we discover. We cannot get to victory without God.

I have a full 7-week Bible study that can follow this retreat and all kinds of questions for small groups.

Prayer Boot Camp

Lord, Teach us to Pray: Prayer Boot Camp breaks down our prayer lives and, piece by piece, puts them back together again.

We begin with tossing most of our old worn out prayer lives out the window. Then we start building a fresh prayer life that we actually can enjoy. Through biblical truths found in Luke 11, we let go of  preconceived ideas, adopt honesty with God, and radically change our prayer lives. We find freedom in prayer!

There are discussion questions for small groups and a 21-day devotional prayer guide to follow retreat and cement the changes we adopt.