I love the seasons of the church, of faith. I am the weirdo who looks forward to Lent every year. I like going internal and surveying my heart. A lot of times I don’t give anything up but I’ll add something in. This year I’m doing both. And I’m writing a series of Lent reflections to prepare my heart, our hearts, for the momentous events ahead.

The reflections are simple looks at Jesus’ days leading up to the cross. Thinking about events and quotes and people and Scripture before Holy Week gets here. Pondering all these things to be ready for Easter and for The Resurrection. To appreciate Easter.

If it weren’t for Easter we would not have a faith.

It was the cross that proved our Savior; it was sin that gave us the cross; it was the Godhead, before the creation of the world, who mapped the journey from sin and death to forgiveness and life. It takes me a lot longer than the week before Easter to drink deeply of these things. 

I hope you will join me. I pray all our hearts will be stirred up, broken down, built back in truth. The reflections will be on my blog: suzannewmatthews.com. They start Thursday.