Most of the reason for the February art challenge was to get me to paint, period. And the rest of it was to get to me to address things I shy away from in painting. Like the color red.

I’m scared of red. Red paint is a personality. You may even know a few reds in your life…

Red is big and bossy and bold. Red takes over everything. A little dab of her goes a very long way. She overpowers all of the other colors, and if you don’t watch it, all you’ll see is red. If she weren’t a primary I might leave her off completely. She’s not the best of team players. She has a mind all her own. Try to remove her; it’s close to impossible.

In all fairness, there are some very good reasons to get to know red.

Because she’s a primary, the mix just isn’t the same without her. Lots of things can’t happen without red. She gives depth. She makes an exciting dark and she can handle the dark. You simply can’t get to a luscious pink or a sublime lavender without her. Team player or no, she has many friends in the color wheel and complements others better than anyone. She makes a statement and she’s usually missed when absent.

Challenge 1 – the red boat – It’s the most red I’ve ever put on a canvas. I think red and I have started to be friends.

My red boat was copied from this gorgeous boat by artist, Jenny Schultz.

Are you wanting to join in the challenge? Please do. Here you go!