…and now I’m almost ready to move forward. Almost.

Here are a few more answers:

4.    Greatest praise for 2017?

Israel! The opportunity to go, the protection, the feeling that it’s my land too, all of it. Every single bit of every minute there.

looking at the Temple Mount and the Eastern Wall from the Mount of Olives

5.    When in 2017 did you feel closest to Christ?

At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, giving up those prayers.

The Wailing Wall, or Western Wall, is the only part of the old temple in Jesus’ day still standing. The temple was completely destroyed in 70 AD. The Jews believe the Presence of God still resides there.

I asked my family and friends to write down their heart prayers and put them in my envelope to be transported to the Wailing Wall. My envelope was pretty stuffed. I never opened it, never read one prayer. But I knew from the reactions and expressions when I asked for their prayers and when they were given to me, that I was carrying a whole lot of heart, a whole lot of hurt, a whole lot of love in that little envelope. I stuck them one by one in the crevice, and when I gave them all to God I was simply overcome. By His Presence.

me at the Wailing Wall

all those prayers stuck in a crevice of the Wailing Wall


6.    Best time of service to another last year?

2017 was a year of connections for me. When I look back that’s what I see. Connections that brought me to humbling wide open service. Connections to my city, to a new friend, a new look at ministry, a new advocate, and renewing an old connection to new life.

It’s taken me more than half the month but I’m finally ready to move into 2018. Here are the last questions looking back into 2017:

7. What was the best lesson learned in 2017?

8. What was your #1 step of spiritual growth in 2017?

9. What was your deepest conviction or confession last year?

10. What is your first goal for 2018?