They are calling me. Rolling hills, a cozy inn, a sense of home, an eagerness to hear from God – it’s all I need. If you are interested in pulling away for less than 24 hours for a heart recharge, come to Tennessee with me!

I’ll be speaking on Unlocking Belief – how we all need our faith unlocked a little bit. Or a lot of bit.

God’s work in me was my journey of belief:

learning that even one minuscule speck of true belief was enough to carry me through.

I learned how important it is to simply believe in Jesus.   from Unlocking Belief

We will delve into two things that even today amaze the Lord Jesus Christ, and witness the unbelievable way He gently but irrevocably unlocked the faith of the Samaritan woman. I am watching to see how God will unlock faith in me and in everyone there.

I will be speaking at the beautiful Knotting Hill Inn in Fayetteville, Tennessee, February 16-17. For more information and registration email [email protected]