I am hosting some super fun art challenges on the blog throughout 2018. They are for anyone who wants to jump into some creativity, try something completely different and sometimes wacky, and have a blast! All are free except for a minimal expense for supplies, and do require a little bit of planning. Here’s the first one:

It’s titled 4 You – taking time out just for you. This challenge is creativity with paint and brush. The brushes – your choice; the paints can be oil, acrylic, watercolor, even house paint.

Here’s how it works: 4 days in February, 4 hours on those days, 4 colors on your palette = 4 paintings.

4 days –

Choose 4 days, any 4 days in February.

4 hours –

Plan to be available for 4 hours each of those days and ready to paint.

4 colors on your palette –

This is where it gets fun. Choose only 4 colors on your palette each time you paint – a blue, a yellow, a red, and one other color. This does not include white and 1 earth tone such as burnt umber or raw sienna. You can paint with the same palette for all 4 sessions or mix it up each week (which is what I’m going to do).

= 4 paintings

How fun!

Now is the time to choose your days and lasso those days and hours on your calendar. Be deciding what you are going to paint. Pull together all your supplies. Questions?

Come on – you know you want to do this! I’ll be back the end of January to get us started.