You are seeking direction. Let’s face it, we all are. We spend a great deal of time, money, and inner angst trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing, where we are going, and who we are supposed to be going with. Unlocking Belief will gently convince you that indeed there is a master plan for your life and it is a good plan put together by one who knows you better than you know yourself and loves you more than you can imagine.


You want it private. You have steered clear of some Bible studies because you don’t want to open up or share or confess. You got it. Unlocking Belief is the only book or study I know of where you are instructed not to share your answers. With good reason your answers to his questions are strictly between you and Christ.


You are ready to go deep. You want to get to know Jesus better, like he is a real person. He is a real person and through Unlocking Belief you will come to the place where you begin to feel his emotions, almost hear his voice, and even sense the tone of his voice. I can say this without reservation because it is God’s book and not mine – Unlocking Belief brought me to one of the closest times I have ever known with Christ.


You want a deep study with a minimum of homework. You want more think time, more pondering, and less flipping pages and filling in the lines. You want what is between the lines. Unlocking Belief is both study and devotional. The homework is minimal; it’s the 11 questions in the study that are the crux of the entire book. You’ll find that you don’t have to answer them on paper. In fact, they stay with you, rattle around in your head until you answer even a little bit. It’s that bit of an answer where God begins to work. Go for it!


You are a reader – and maybe a writer. You like questions and want to come back to them over and again, seeing what God has done in between your answers. Then you’ll love Unlocking Belief The Journal. One of my favorite parts of the book was teaching it and answering the questions 3 different times and seeing how my answers shifted and changed. Even now, when I want to feel especially close to Jesus, I will find one of his questios and answer it.

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