The week after Christmas and on into January I love looking back through my prayer journal. You must understand I am not a big journaler. I’ve had the same red journal since 2010 and this year took up a mere 13 pages. Yet I always find something I forgot about, something that made it into the journal – a prayer, a thought, a quote, teeny things that impacted my year.

These writings and notes from the past year begin to shape the year ahead.

I have a set of questions I answer in my journal every January. I think I must love questions; I certainly have a soft spot for  Jesus’ questions! Mine are simple questions, and only 10. They are not so much about real time events as they are about a relationship with God. I will be posting them all through January along with some of my answers. I thought you might want to follow along.

Here’s the first one:

What Bible verse or quote impacted your life in 2017?