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7 things I do to actually start writing

            About writing - or finishing up what you've started... I have been asked several times how I get started writing and how I bring the project to the place of completion. A few years ago a literary agent told me that a writer who actually finishes a work is...

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August Give-away

          If you know me, you know I adore school supplies. When I want to treat myself (which is often) I'll wander the pen and paper aisle and there's always something I cannot resist. I know I'm not the only school supply addict out there! I love it all: pens,...

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This song on repeat – You Say

            She has an amazing voice. I began to listen after hearing an interview a few years ago when she talked about the influence of her grandfather. He said Adele had nothing on his Lauren. Yet it's her lyrics - way too profound for one so young. She writes and...

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Amanda Ragland’s beautiful wedding prayer

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A Word From Suzanne

Quite simply, God’s Word is the fire in my soul.

Sometimes just one verse, or a lecture, a reading, communion with my church, a story – and I feel the fire igniting. Just recently while listening to a powerful testimony I felt it, that familiar spark beginning to ignite.

My husband knows how to make fire. Yep, it’s his talent. He can make it from a magnifying glass or a battery or with a stick. He gets the tiniest spark, then babies it. He protects it. He blows on it. You’ve seen how it works – a spark, hot breath, and suddenly the yellow red burst of flame.

That’s what happens in my heart when God’s Word takes hold. There’s a quick hot spark, then a flame emerging. The Spirit blows and fire erupts. My heart on fire.

But, I can’t live my life day to day with little fires starting all over the place. I’ve learned to let God calm me down, soothe me, teach me, stretch me. Over time the fire settles to a nice slow burn and eventually ends up on paper.

Or on a canvas. Wide open brush strokes, white canvas that shows through, soft warm colors, a little something unexpected from my way of looking at things. Paintings that speak to me and for me.

Scripture is my life, teaching is my call, painting is my passion. You’ll find a little bit of all of it in me.